LottoFish: The best way to play the lottery.

Play and pool Mega Millions and Powerball lottery tickets.Β 

Order lottery tickets, join lottery pools to increase your odds of winning, invite friends, and chat all within LottoFish.

Android Play Store
Google does not allow lottery apps on the Play Store. But we have you covered! You can download the app directly through us! πŸ˜‰

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Installation Instructions

Quick and easy installation instructions. Get ready to start ordering lottery tickets fast and conveniently!
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  • Download

    Click link below to download the LottoFish APK file.
  • Click Install

    Once it's downloaded, open Downloads, tap on the APK file.
  • Accept Permissions

    Android will ask you to grant permission your web browser to install the app. Grant permission to complete installation.
  • Complete Installation

    Finish installation and start playing the lottery!
  • What People Say

    • "Look, I usually just buy the lotto from a convenience store, pick rando numbers and hope for the best. This app cuts my drive to the store but actually makes it fun because I can chat with other peeps that are playing which makes it fun. I’m also not the biggest app guy but this app makes it easy to connect and play! Love the experience πŸ‘"
      Dannn11111 , 08/17/2021
    • "The APP is super user friendly and winnings are instantly! It’s fun to interact with other people in pool. I feel like I have a higher chance in winning! I love that the APP still gives you the option to select quick pick because I’m very indecisive at times. I would recommend to anyone that loves to play and win!"
      mellojellohello777 , 08/02/2021
    • "I always enjoy buying a few lottery ticket just for fun and have joined lottery pools in the past. I know what the odds are but its still fun. This app makes purchasing and managing tickets very quick and easy. The app experience was very smooth and clean as well. Also you get a free ticket when you sign up."
      JustinR70 , 08/03/2021